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Novel Antiviral Activity of Anthocyanins: An In Silico Approach

Shailima DV Rampogu


HIV-1 protease [E.C.] is an important enzyme involved in life cycle of HIV—a retrovirus causing AIDS. It cleaves the nascent  polyprotein to generate the mature proteins of HIV virions, and its absence renders HIV uninfectious. Thus the HIV protease seems to be an interesting drug target for HIV. Utilising this property, this investigation aims to  design a drug from the naturally available sources such as anthocyanins. Anthocyanins belong to flavonoid group of phytochemicals naturally present in tea, honey, wines, fruits, nuts, etc. . In this study, 10 anthocyanin compounds were designed and docked with HIV protease. In docking results, cyanidin, showing  maximum dock score of 41.098, was found to be the best drug ligand.


HIV, HIV Protease, Anthocyanins, Flavonoid groups, Phytochemicals.

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